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PSHE-Personal, Social and Health Education


Portway Infant School's Vision and Intent for PSHE 'Growing Up Great'.


At Portway we know that pupils with good health and well-being are more likely to achieve better academically and that positive mental health and healthy relationships are essential for higher brain function that supports learning.   

Portway’s PSHE ‘Growing Up Great’ education supports our children to achieve their potential by supporting their emotional wellbeing and tackling issues that can affect their ability to learn. 


Our PSHE teaching and learning includes: RHE, Mental Health, Emotionally and Healthy Schools, School Council, Pupil Voice


Through our curriculum our aim is that our children will be able to:

  • Develop personal skills such as communication (including broadening their vocabulary) working creatively as part of a team, resilience, self esteem, confidence and independence 'Skills for life'.  
  • Keep themselves and others as healthy as possible
  • Feel that they and their work is valued
  • Be responsible for themselves and their actions
  • Understand and be aware of theirs and others emotions and feelings
  • Play an active role in the school community and develop their role as members of a wider society building upon their cultural capital for the future
  • Learn about and be curious about their own identity, risks, decision-making and how to keep themselves safe both in life and on line
  • Discourage negative stereotype and understand and respect differences between people
  • Develop healthy, meaningful and positive relationships with adult and children
  • Develop the love of reading through high-quality texts in PSHE.


Our children acquire these skills whilst learning within the following three core areas, using the Derbyshire Scheme ‘PSHE Matters’:

  • Health and Well Being
  • Relationships
  • Living in the Wider World

For more detailed information please click on the Curriculum Map at the bottom of this page. 


Our adapted curriculum builds on previous learning and encourages the acquisition of new skills and knowledge to ensure our children are fully prepared for the next stage in their learning journey.  We constantly recap and question our children to ensure that all aspects of their learning are 'sticking' to ensure they can keep 'moving on' in their learning.  


Our PSHE teaching and learning is underpinned by our School Motto - Learning, Caring, Sharing.  These are at the heart of every lesson and are focus on the removal of barriers to learning is firmly embedded into all areas of the PSHE curriculum.  


We deliver our lessons through a variety of engaging different ways, such as:

  • Discussing possible scenarios/situations
  • Role play
  • Stories
  • Games
  • Circle time


Meaningful and thought provoking discussions are an integral part of all of our lessons.  Classes are encouraged to tailor and adapt the curriculum to the needs of their class and individual children with additional needs.  Our Learning Mentor helps many children and families with specific needs within all of our classes.  


It is our intention that after our 'Portway Children' complete our PSHE Curriculum that they will become responsible citizens of our local community and will have an increased awareness of the ever changing, modern, diverse society that we are all part of.  


Our overall aim is that our children leave Portway being able to:

  • Make sensible decisions when facing all risks
  • Take on challenges
  • Know when and how to ask for help both at school and in the wider world
  • have a developed understanding of 'Zero tolerance to Bullying' - our children know our mantra - STOP - Several Times on Purpose and who to ask for help if they feel they are being bullied


Please contact Mrs Claire Stockwell (PSHE Lead Teacher) if you would like more detailed information.