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Happy Hedgehogs Miss Broad

WELCOME to our class page. Have a look around and see what we've been learning. Click on the topics to see some photographs of what we have been doing in our exciting and engaging topic lessons! 

Our long term plan

Term - Summer 1

Topic - Enchanted Forest

We will develop our children’s knowledge of British wildlife and woodland habitats. They will observe and identify plants and animals, understand seasonal changes and appreciate the wonder of the woodland. We will of course be using our very own wonderful Forest School in our school grounds.  We will be arranging a wonderful trip to our very local Allestree Park.  More exciting details to follow…………………..


Maths - We will be counting in 2s, 5s and 10s and grouping sets accordingly.  We will also be learning about money, identifying coins and adding quantities together. We will Learn about halves and quarters too and Identifying 1st, 2nd, 3rd places.

English - We will be starting a new Write Stuff unit called 'The Train Ride'. We will be focusing on adjectives (describing words) and onomatopoeic words which describe sounds.  We will be reading books within phase 5 phonics in guided reading.

Phonics - We are learning phase 5c phonics within our unlocking letters and sounds scheme. We will be applying phase 5b and c graphemes within sentences to read and write. 

Science – The children will identify and name a variety of deciduous and evergreen trees and identify and describe the basic structure of a variety of common flowering plants, including trees. Your children will also sort pictures of animals into those that live in a woodland habitat and those that live in their homes and local environment. They will discover if they can find any that live in both places. 

Term: Spring 2

Topic: Bright Lights Big City



In this topic you will need to put on your best outfit because you’re invited to have tea with the King . Use your best manners and comb your hair, as one will not be amused if you don’t! What do you know about England’s capital city? Let’s find out all about London, including its history, transport and famous landmarks. Step back in time and discover what happened in the Great Fire of London. Where did it start? How did it end? Create a model of the bakery on Pudding Lane, then burn it to the ground to recreate the Great Fire. Stand well back and watch how the flames spread. London’s burning! London’s burning! Fire, fire! Fire, fire!  Are you ready for the bright lights of the big city? Hop in a black cab and enjoy the ride. 

Maths - We will be comparing odd and even numbers. We will be exploring additon number sentences using the + and + sign. 

English -  We will be completing out own poem about Forest School. We will be starting a new write stuff unit called 'The Queen's Hat' and reading books within phase 5 phonics in guided reading. We will also be celebrating a week long book week exploring baked potato book characters, going on a book scavenger hunt and doing a sponsored read! 

Phonics - We are learning phase 5b phonics within our unlocking letters and sounds scheme. We will be applying phase 5b graphemes within sentences to read and write.