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Please help your child to be confident with Phase 3 sounds.

We are learning to blend these sounds together to read more complex words.  Here are some examples of the kinds of phonemes that children are expected to understand

  • Sk, lt, lp, if, and pt   - for example skip, tilt, help,  
  • Scr, shr, thr, nch and str   - scrunch, shrimp, throw, strip
  • Fr, nl, fl, gl and pl   - frown, flow, glove, play
  • Cl, sl, sp, st and tw   - clap, slap, spot, stop, twelve
  • Sm, pr, sc, sk and sn   - smile, prick, scare, skate, snow

Key phonics Vocabulary.

Phoneme - the smallest unit of sound in a word
Grapheme - letter(s) representing a phoneme: t, ai, igh
Digraph - two letters which make one sound
•A consonant digraph contains two consonants sh ck th ll
•A vowel digraph contains at least one vowel ai ee ar oy

Trigraph - three letters, which make one sound tch ear igh dge
Split vowel - a digraph in which the two letters are not adjacent (e.g. a-e as in make or i-e in site)