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This website is a great resource for home learning. You will find lots of helpful advice on how to support your child in phonics but best of all there are free video lessons for you to share with your child. Just click on the link below!

Can you read these sentences and work out which words you could substitute into the sentence from the list at the side ?

The man burnt the toast.         towel     girl      milk       brings


The frog swam across the pool.    pond     flag     jumps     dog


Gran went to get fresh fish.       Trish      needed      grill        milk   


Sam took a book off the shelf.          grabs       desk      spoon       slug   


A clock stood on the wooden chest.      was    lamp      soft      cabinet

Write these common exception words onto  bingo boards and then play bingo!


 is             my


 his            by


do            has


push          put   


of             you


are           ask