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Maths: Year One Part Part whole models with challenge

Maths Year One Bar Models

Maths one more and one less

Comparing the capacity of a container lesson 2

Maths comparing the capacity of a container lesson 1

Maths telling the time lesson 3

Maths recognising money

Telling the time PART ONE

Telling the time PART TWO

Maths Treasure Hunt

Addition using dice

Year one maths making your own worded problems

FS2 counting to 20

Sharing quantities (year 1 and 2) with Mrs Anderson's Daughter

Maths: Doubling

Year one: finding quarter of a quantity

Year one: Finding half of a quantity

Year one fractions using shapes

Lesson 2 matching numbers to words to 20

Matching numbers to words (to 10)

Adding money with Mrs Anderson's daughter

Year one maths; worded problems


year 1 maths: comparing length lesson 2

Year 1 maths: comparing lengths lesson 1

FS2 maths with Mrs Stockwell and her daughter 30 March 2020

Mrs Stockwell's daughter shows you a great way to learn your numbers using a memory game!

Year one Maths: How to use objects to represent numbers

Using a Hundred number square for maths

Miss Broad shows us ways to use a number/hundred square. See home school learning page for hundred squares that you might like to use at home.

Year one maths: Using a tens frame to add.

Miss Broad shows us how to add using a tens frame.

Year one fact family maths with Miss Broad

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

Year 1 addition with Miss Broad

Miss Broad shows us how to use a part part whole model to complete addition number sentences

Year one subtraction

Miss Broad shows us how to subtract using a part part whole model!

EYFS sharing with Mrs Hughes

Mrs Hughes and her son show us a simple sharing game that can easily be done at home!

Foundation addition with Mrs Clifford

Mrs Clifford is showing us how to count on to solve addition number sentences.

Foundation addition with Mrs Bhatti

Mrs Bhatti shows us how to add!

Foundation maths with Mrs Bhatti

Test your number knowledge with Mrs Bhatti

Year 2 - Place value with Mrs Clarke

Mrs Clarke and her children show you some place value maths using objects at home!