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greater depth

Expectations for children who show a greater understanding of the required curriculum

•Count forwards and backwards from any given number up to 100 

•Can identify missing numbers in a sequence of numbers (using numbers up to 100 and 2’s, 5’s and 10’s)

•Can suggest their own reasoned ideas about numbers e.g. explain why a number might be the odd one out.

•Can solve more complex problem using numbers up to 20 e.g. 5=2+3, 10-5 What other facts do you know?

•Can solve more complex missing number problems using numbers to 20 e.g ___+____=12

•Can solve simple worded problems involving multiplication and division e.g. Toy aeroplanes have 5 wheels. How many wheels would you need to make different numbers of aeroplanes?

•Understand and explain the relationship between half and quarter.

•Can explain reasoning when solving problems involving measurement.

•Can describe similarities and differences of shape properties e.g. what is the same and what’s different about these shapes – cone, pyramid and cuboid? Could each one be the odd one out?