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The Rainbow Fish

Title: The Rainbow Fish Author & Illustrator: Marcus Pfister, J. Alison James ___________________________________________________

Lesson 1: Watch the video of the Rainbow Fish. Talk about the story with your child. Have your child draw a scale of their own. Decorate it how they would like it to be decorated. Underneath ask your child to write a caption about their scale eg my scale is red, my scale is fluffy. Remind them to use a capital letter at the start of their sentence. Please encourage finger spaces between words and a full stop at the end of their sentence. Please encourage your child to use correct letter formation. 


Lesson 2:  At one point in the story of Rainbow fish, he is the loneliest fish in the ocean, role play with your child how the fish might be feeling. You could make masks to help them get into character. This will support their speaking and listening skills. 


Lesson 3: Descriptive writing. Ask your child to draw a picture of Rainbow Fish in the middle of a piece of paper. Talk with your child about words they could use to describe the character eg glittery, beautiful, colourful etc. Write these words around the Rainbow Fish to make a poster of brilliant describing words. Please remember to encourage your child to start letters in the correct place and to use correct formation. 


Lesson 4: talk with your child about other creatures that live in the sea. Do some research on one animal using the internet and books and write some sentences about that creature. Remind them to use capital letters at the start of their sentences. Please encourage finger spaces between words and a full stop at the end of the sentence. Please encourage correct letter formation. 


Lesson 5: Find an ocean poem that your child enjoys. Create a story map (like the ones you have seen on Class Dojo) of the poem and learn it by heart. Think of some actions to go with the poem to make it easier to remember. 


Lesson 6: Use the story of Rainbow Fish to talk about friends. Talk about what makes a good friend. Ask your child to draw their best friend and make a poster of the reasons they enjoy having them as a friend eg they are kind, they are funny etc.